Construction Accidents

It is undisputed that construction work is dangerous work. A worksite with unsafe conditions, defective safety equipment, or no safety protections can have catastrophic consequences on the lives, safety, and wellbeing of the men and women who work at that site.

To ensure worker safety, the New York State Labor Law requires that worksite owners and general managers provide workers with certain safety equipment and that the work is performed in a safe manner.

If a worker is injured due to defective safety equipment or if “proper protection” is unavailable to provide for the worker’s safety, the injured worker may bring a lawsuit against the worksite’s owner and general contractor. This law, therefore, enables a worker to sue for damages beyond Workers Compensation for injuries caused by a variety of worksite deficiencies including:

  • defective scaffolding,
  • improperly secured ladders
  • debris littered worksites, and
  • the employer's failure to provide safety gear such as a hard hat, respirator, or safety harness and lanyard.

Construction accident lawsuits are very technical and must be handled by attorneys with experience in the field.

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