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Construction Related Respiratory Injuries

From the numerous on-going MTA projects (the Second Avenue subway, LIRR East Side Access, and expansion of the # 7 Subway line) to the erection of record-setting towers which will alter the City’s skyline, New York City is in the middle of a construction boom. 

Despite the known dangers that breathing construction dust and fumes can pose, workers are rarely provided with proper and necessary respiratory protection to guard them from developing serious permanent respiratory conditions including silicosis, asthma, RADS, COPD and bronchitis. This failure to provide workers with the proper protection is a violation of the New York State Labor Law.

These cases can be extraordinarily complex.  They involve an intimate knowledge of the New York State Labor Law and the science behind these respiratory conditions that can impact construction workers. Through our successful World Trade Center related work, we have developed an understanding of the medical conditions, how they develop, and their impact on the lives of the individuals that suffer from them.  Together with doctors, scientists, engineers, and epidemiologists, we have the experience and tools necessary to successfully bring your case in this complex area of the law.

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