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Infectious Disease Exposure

Medical practices can expose their patients to a variety of infectious diseases, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV through unsafe and unsanitary practices.

If you have been exposed to an infectious disease by a medical provider, you need a lawyer with experience. Gregory J. Cannata & Associates, LLP has that experience. The law firm has successfully represented several patients who contracted Hepatitis B and C due to unsafe practices in medical offices of Dr. Seymour Halpern. Gregory Cannata achieved a large verdict, including punitive damages, for the first patient whose lawsuit went to trial. Following his success in that trial, Mr. Cannata then negotiated large settlements for the other plaintiffs that he represented in that outbreak.

If you have been exposed to an infectious disease by a medical provider — contact our New York attorneys for a free consultation.

Gregory J. Cannata & Associates understands the science behind the diseases, outbreaks, and epidemiology required to successfully try these cases.

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Representative Cases

High-pressured water blaster caused severe arm injury - $3,900,000 Verdict, reduced by the Court following a post-trial motion to$2,900,000, settled for $2,400,000

Passenger injured in a transportation accident - $15,800,000 Settlement

Fall down an unguarded elevator shaft during construction resulting in severe leg fractures - $5,250,000 Settlement

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