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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Practicing in a large urban area such as New York City, we handle a variety of motor vehicle accidents cases, such as intersection collisions, “pedestrian knockdowns” and high speed highway collisions. All of these accidents have a common element: the operator of the offending vehicle either violated the Vehicle and Traffic Law or failed to safely operate his vehicle with the necessary skill and care required. It is our job to identify and prove this deficiency, while it is our injured clients’ job to recover as fully as possible from their injuries.

The injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident can range from the simple broken bone to paralysis and brain injuries. In order to prepare for trial and explain the full extent of our client’s injuries to the jury, we will obtain the client’s hospital records, doctor’s reports and radiological films.

Preparing for a motor vehicle case also requires a close examination of the location of the accident and an understanding of the movements of the parties. At Gregory J. Cannata & Associates, LLP we will visit the location and photograph the evidence. We regularly use accident reconstructionists, often retired police officers, to assist us in preparing and presenting the case.

Notable Decisions:

Passenger injured in a transportation accident - $15,800,000 Settlement
Pedestrian struck by a bicyclist causing a brain injury – $3,000,000 Settlement during mediation
Two car intersection collision causing hip and knee fractures - $1,900,000 Settlement
Jogger hit by a surf board protruding from a car, resulting in fractures to her arm- $825,000 Settlement
Passenger in a car was killed when a rock fell from a construction dump truck- $750,000 Settlement
Passenger on a bus struck her head during an accident causing a dormant seizure disorder to return- $625,000 Settlement

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