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Products Liability

Case law requires manufacturers to design and produce their products so they are reasonably safe for their intended use. This law applies to all products individuals come in contact with including machines, consumer goods, and pharmaceutical drugs. If a person is injured by a product that could have been designed so it was safer to use, was defectively produced, or contained inadequate safety warnings, that person may sue the manufacturer or seller of that defective product.

To successfully litigate product liability cases, an attorney who understands engineering and can discuss the technical aspects of machinery with engineering experts is required.

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At Gregory J. Cannata & Associates, LLP we have the expertise and experience to successfully represent you in these challenging cases. We have handled a wide variety of products liability lawsuits including heavy industrial machines, such as punch presses, press brakes and printing presses; power tools such as circular saws and ultra-high pressure water blasters; kitchen appliances such as food choppers, pressure cookers and stoves; consumer products such as shampoos; and devices such as escalators, elevators and trash compactors.

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Representative Cases

Defective stove caused flammable pajamas to catch fire and severely burn a child -$7,215,000 Settlement during trial

High-pressured water blaster caused severe arm injury - $3,900,000 Verdict, reduced by the Court following a post-trial motion to$2,900,000, settled for $2,400,000

Defectively designed wrapper crushed and burned three fingers, resulting in the amputation of two fingers and skin grafts to the third finger - $1,500,000 Settlement

Chair collapsed causing a back injury -$1,200,000 Settlement

Defectively designed floor scrubber causing fractured vertebra and herniations - $1,000,000 Settlement

Exploding pressure cooker caused burns to neck and torso - $900,000 Settlement

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